Donnerstag, 15. November 2012

New SharePoint 2013 / 15 cmdlets for Powershell you shouldn't use...

I just browse the web for new things that come with SharePoint 2013 / 15. Now I'm landed on the technet-page for all new Powershell-Cmdlets:

A funny thing are a few new cmdlets you explicitely should avoid to use but the funniest imo are Add-SPSocialAppPermissions and Remove-SPSocialAppPermissions.

So if you belong to the 1% of people with a completely working user profile synchronization service without any issues and you are bored of all the perfectly working sharepoint environment, you should definitively run this cmdlet, because "The use of the Add-SPSocialAppPermissions cmdlet can result in profile synchronization connections that are unusable and non-editable".

More cmdlets you called upon not to use are:

- New-SPBECWebServiceApplicationProxy
- Remove-SPSocialAppPermissions
- New-SPBECWebServiceApplicationProxy

If you have any idea, why Microsoft creates such cmdlets not intended to use by people, please leave a comment :-D