Freitag, 10. September 2010

Short tip: missing BaseType in ListTemplate...

...leads to an error-message like this:

GetUserListSchema(): Failed to initialize list properties from the list schema XML for feature '{287a98fc-9404-488d-90ae-b1a67d309cca}', template '10009': hr=0x80004005.    c6487200-188d-4f97-a104-731949084550
09/10/2010 11:17:03.41     w3wp.exe (0x0D74)                           0x0264    SharePoint Foundation             General                           8l2r    High        Failed to find the list schema for FeatureId '{287a98fc-9404-488d-90ae-b1a67d309cca}', list template ID 10009.  Cannot create list in web "..." at URL "(null)".    c6487200-188d-4f97-a104-731949084550

So before checking folder-structure in 14-Hive or analysing your VS2010-Package structure for the assumed missing schema.xml first check your ListTemplate for an existing BaseType="0"-entry.